Advantages of Using a Online Employee Timeclock

Majority of businesses have already shifted to automated payroll services, and a lot of them have also implemented automated online employee timeclock software. But why this drastic change from old traditional processes that have been used ever since?

Below are five crucial advantages of online employee timeclocks:

Greater Accuracy

We all know that manual processes in general are prone to human error. When it comes to employee time tracking, this vulnerability can be seen in a whole range of issues, from illegible penmanship to fraud. With online software for tracking employee time, inaccuracies and opportunities for time theft are dramatically reduced. Employees can also do what they have to do very conveniently on their cellphones or any Internet-connected devices.

Higher Productivity

When a company uses an online employee time clock, its payroll processing time is automatically cut in half. Automating time collection functions also puts everything in one place. Data may be automatically forwarded for payroll processing, removing the need for it to be manually re-entered. This makes for more accurate processing in less than an hour for every pay period. When the time to run payroll is reduced and data accuracy is increased simultaneously, productivity naturally increases.

Higher Retention Rate

Using an online time clock makes a company’s employees happy because they know that this ensures timely and accurate pay. They are well aware of the fact that automation can eliminate human errors that commonly occur when time sheets are processed manually. As well, online employee time clocks, which are usually part of an employee self-service portal, gives workers a place where they can access their personal data securely and conveniently (not having to approach human resources). They will feel empowered, knowing they can access their own information at will, and this leads to greater job satisfaction and eventually a higher employee retention rate for the company.


Nowadays, it has become a common practice for employees to work away from the office. They may be at home, at a cafe or any other remote location. With an online employee time clock by Timeclock Hub, management can easily track employees’ time with the use of various clocking options. At the same time, employees will also find it easier to track time, no matter if they are at the office or somewhere else.

Scheduling Covenience

Finally, online employee time clocks make it easier for human resources to handle scheduling functions, especially in terms of monitoring swapping of shifts. This system also allows for easier and more efficient determination of workloads, workloads and budgets for every department.

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